13 May 2012

Patlabor, Gundam Titan And Sazabi (special paint)

"Barakat Salamat"

11 May 2012


Hari nie tengok Blog sendiri pun dah bosan camner lagi nak update citer....so ambik keputusan buat logo baru supaya dpt mood baru..insyaallah!! Rasmilah Hari ini Jumaat 11hb Mei 2012 Logo baru "K•Rexz " makin sombong dan makin Kerek..hahahaha!!! Kalau tak der citer insyaallah gua akan update foto2 terbaru atau pun foto member tido ker..heh!!!

"Barakat Salamat"

Now that our new home kit for the 2012-13 season has been revealed, here are some great shots of the lads showing off our new strip.

Errr...for those who still living on some other planet...( i can see few abv me ), addidas is no longer the kit sponsor for Liv. Warrior Sports which is owned by the club owner will be replacing addidas. The current club owner owns a sportsbrand,obviously it make sense for Liv to change to that brand. I think there will always be pros and cons, like and dislike whenever a new jersey is launched. Well, look on the bright side....is much much better than United new jersey. The United jersey look way horrible! Like made of tablecloth or curtain cloth.

 "At clubs like Liverpool the kits are always nice. It’s such an important jersey to wear, it means a lot. It’s a new era."

 "It reminds me of the Liverpool kits from the seventies and early eighties and I’m going to be very fortunate to wear it,” added the Welsh striker.

 "It’s an old fashioned goalkeeping top, like from the glory days – so hopefully it can help bring the glory days back for us," he said.
"The idea was to go back to the past and for me it’s a pleasure to wear the same colour kit as the likes of Clemence and Grobbelaar.
"My father always said to me goalkeepers have to wear green. If you wear a bright colour it can attract the attention of attackers, but with green it's like I’m going undercover!

"It’s a really nice kit, I’m really impressed," said skipper Steven Gerrard. "You never know what to expect when going from one sponsor to another, but I’m very impressed.

"From a young boy I’ve always looked forward to seeing the new kits and now I’m wearing them it’s a special feeling."..You'll Never Walk Alone....
"Barakat Salamat"